What should I know

ETC2017 (1)It’s always good to know what to expect before an event, especially for the ladies, right? So here’s a few good-to-know tips:


It says black tie… do you have to wear a tux and a black long gown? NO…NO…NO…. we want you to be stylish but also comfortable.
Ladies: You don’t have to wear just black. We encourage colors and be as fabulous as you want to be. You can wear a fabulous cocktail dress or maybe Indonesian style outfit like kebaya or batik. And yes, heels are great since you will be seated for dinner.

Gentlemen: If you own a tux, by any means, be 007 for the night and impress your date or the ladies 🙂 but you are welcome to wear suits in any color, sports jacket, long sleeves Batik is also encouraged. Be as creative as you want. We love to see bold styles there.

nasi bungkusDinner

We can’t tell you everything of course but main course will be Nasi Bungkus and it will consist of Rendang (beef dish cooked in coconut milk and spices), Gulai Nangka Muda (Young Jack Fruit Curry), Balado Udang Telur (Hard boiled eggs with shrimp in red sauce), ayam sambel ijo( shredded chicken with green sambal). For vegetarian option (Tofu Rendang, Young Jack Fruit Curry, Hard boiled eggs in red sauce, steamed vegetables and Green chilly sauce) contact Sinta at moderoandcompany@gmail.com ASAP by Monday evening.

dianparamitaRaffles & Items for Sale

It’s a fundraising so we will have a few raffles and auction items. The Philadelphia Phillies is generous enough to give us a few items, there will be also a few handmade jewelry by an Indonesian artist, and our featured realist artist’s painting Dian Paramita will be showcasing a few pieces of her collection and will be donating a portion of the sale to Modero.

The Program

Cynthia Dewi Oka

The program will be segmented into cultural, dinner and fusion segments. We are excited to showcase our youth, teen and ladies troupes during the cultural segment and featuring Cynthia Dewi Oka an Indonesian Poet.  Our fusion segment will be more of a concert. This is a rare treat and collaboration, so wait and see.

How to get there

The best way to get around center city Philadelphia is probably by using public transportation (Septa/Uber/Lyft) so that you don’t have worry about parking. Below are some info for you whether you decide to drive, uber-ing or take the Septa adventure!

To Ethical Human Society of Philadelphia

There are many ways to get there but you can use the map below as a guide. ehsp-map

Driving: The closest parking will be at 20th street and Rittenhouse Square, Central Parking System. Average price is $13.00. To locate other parking options please click here.

Uber: From South Philadelphia to EHSP the average cost about $8-$11.

Septa: Use Broad Street Line at City Hall to Walnut/Locust Stop. You will still have to walk about 4 blocks from Broad & Walnut to Rittenhouse Square, so bring walking shoes! 🙂

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