Food Festival, March 23, 2019

Modero & Co 2019 Spring Food Festival in South Philadelphia by DJ Lee Jr.

The opening Spring Food Festival in South Philadelphia was a tremendous success. Modero & Co worked even harder to bring more vendors and make the event a success and it resulted in more traffic than the previous food festivals. With vendors offering new cuisines and some offer the familiar and tasty cuisines, the visitors to the food festival garnered exactly what they wanted.

Modero & Co showcased their new costumes and premiered their new dance Jejer Gandrung and was a delight to see and hear. There was also a performance by Annie and Malaya that were newcomers to the South Philly Food Fest and provided a wonderful dance ensemble as a sample to a fundraising event to take place later that evening.
With music provided by Lee Junior Entertainment, the atmosphere was inviting and electric and patrons kept filing into the later hours of the day.

Modero also unveiled their new Carnival costume that many visitors got to take pictures with. Modero & Co is looking forward to the next food festival so stay tuned!

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