Palu and Donggala’s Relief Effort

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In the evening of September 28, the city of Palu in Central Sulawesi of Indonesia was struck by a major natural disaster. An earthquake of 7.5 magnitude that led to a 3-meter high tsunami that hit the city and its surrounding, destructing all buildings and washing everything that is in its way. To date 1700 people are confirmed dead, and countless are still missing. Modero is heartbroken. This is the island where our founder’s family is from. This is where Modero was born.

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Donate via Modero to be sent to Institute Mosintuwu , The Peace Agency, local government in Poso, Sinode Church in Tentena, all of these local organizations are located 4 hours from Palu who are actively sending daily supplies such as clean water, food and gasoline. Thank you for your help!paypal button

Other ways to donate:

Indonesian Diaspora Foundation – a Certified Charity Organization. All donations are tax deductible. Click here to donate to IDF.

The Indonesian Student Association in the U.S. (Permias Nasional). A registered 501(c)(3). You can donate online by clicking here.

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