Nikedila De Wanda

Nikedila – Dance Instructor

Nikedila De Wanda (nickname: Nike) is an Indonesian dancer who was born in [capital city Jakarta but was raised in the city of Bandung. Her parents were from two culturally different areas of Indonesia, her father was from the city of Palembang in South Sumatra and her mother was from Banten. She was taught under the guidance of the Sekar Tampaksiring dance company in the art of traditional Balinese dance and the Santika Group for West Javanese traditional dance. Since coming to Philadelphia in 2014, Nike has danced in large events such as the Papal visit, Philadelphia Phillies vs Washington Nationals Baseball game and a Diwali celebration in City Hall. Traditional Balinese dance was the art form that initially piqued her interest in middle school and when she got to high school her dance scope broaden and included traditional West Javanese dance in her quiver.


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