Saykoji’s Collaboration 2017

Indonesian Hip Hop Artist, Saykoji to collaborate with local artist Scott “Chops” Jung from Mountain Brothers and Joie Kathos, West Philly’s MC and choreographer.

A cross continent and cultural collaboration on August 18th in Rittenhouse Square.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, August 11, 2017 (Modero & Co.) – On the 44th Anniversary of Hip Hop, Modero is proud to announce the collaboration of Saykoji with local artist Scott “Chops” Jung from Mountain Brothers and Joie Kathos, West Philly’s MC and choreographer. The collaboration will be revealed at Modero’s Black Tie Event on August 18th with the theme: Experience the Culture.

The collaboration between Saykoji and Chops will be more than a stage performance. Both artists are not strangers to creating and mixing beats. Chops will be remixing one of Saykoji’s original tracks and will be presenting the remix track together with Saykoji at the event.

“This is such a great collaboration and more than just getting on stage performing together. This is more of an intellectual property collaboration. I’m very excited to see the final remix at our event,” says Sinta, Executive and Artistic Director of Modero. “I think if you value the talent of mixing and beats creation, you should really be there to meet Scott and witness this.”

Saykoji who is based in Jakarta, Indonesia will be visiting Philadelphia with his crew member Della MC to be part of the Indonesian Week, organized by Indonesian Diaspora Network of Greater Philadelphia. The week-long event is a celebration of the 72nd Indonesian Independence for the Indonesian community in South Philadelphia. Modero & Company’s Black Tie fundraising gala is the opening of the series of event in the effort to raise money for Modero’s performance at Walt Disney World on December 30th this year.

“We are also excited and grateful for Joie Kathos to join the line-up. These artists have such big hearts for the community to be helping on their own time.” added Sinta. “You have to be there to see what Joie and Saykoji will do on stage. This is going to be an off-the-hook collaboration. They are so different but yet in the same hip hop culture. Unity in diversity, just like Indonesia’s motto.”

About Modero & Company

Modero is a community based traditional Indonesian dance company, event planning and community storyteller. Started as a dance company in 2011, Sinta has grown Modero into an Indonesian community’s one-stop-shop for event and entertainment services. Modero’s mission is to preserve the Indonesian culture through traditional dances, raise awareness of the Indonesian community’s contribution to city of Philadelphia and to bring quality events and entertainment to the community and general public.


Sinta Penyami Storms
Executive & Artistic Director
Modero & Company

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