Dear Modero members and family,

We are now entering Fall 2018 and Modero will be 7 years old! I am so very happy to have you all as part of our cultural family. From a tiny community dance group, we are now an international dance troupe. This is all because of all your hard work and support throughout the year.  Thank you for believing in my passion and vision.

This year, to make sure that we continue to deliver quality performances and events for the community, there are some improvements that we had to make. We are building more structure for our dancers, more professional development for our instructors, more time to practice, offering more perks and incentives. Our professional troupe has grown from 6 to 8 with 2 semi-pro dancers who are ready to bring it! We will be working exclusively with a few community vendors who we believe uphold the same values as Modero.

What are the changes? Well, here’s the breakdown of it:


    1. Class and rehearsal schedule has changed to Wednesdays starting on September 12th.  Below you can see the details in schedule.
5:30 PM 0:45 6:15:00 PM YOUTH TRADITIONAL
6:15 PM 0:45 7:00:00 PM YOUTH FUSION
7:00 PM 1:00 8:00:00 PM TEEN/ADULT TRAD/FUSION
8:00 PM 1:00 9:00:00 PM PRO PRACTICE TIME


    1. Class Fee: There’s a price increase on class fee which is still considered to be very affordable for a dance class. The fee is now $10 per person per class. If you would like to pay for the month (or for 4 weeks in advance the fee is discounted to $35 total). Class fee must be paid before class starts to teacher or teacher assistants. Why cost more? Because we have more expenses with studio, traveling, costumes, maintaining websites, marketing and more. 
    2. $25 Annual registration fee (includes new designed t-shirt) for ALL members is now due in September of each year. You will have until end of October to pay for this fee. Each year we will have different t-shirt design for Modero. You may also order a t-shirt for your family members for $15 each (depending on size).
    3. What to wear in class: comfortable clothing like t-shirt and legging are mandatory. When possible, dancers are also expected to wear sarong/kain with waist corset. No Jeans or super tight clothing will be allowed in class.
    4. Class behavior: we expect that all dancers come on time, no chewing gum, be respectful by showing active participation and be open minded. We do not tolerate having clicks (grouping) in Modero family.
    5. New dances will be taught in Fall Semester (Sept-Dec) and Winter/Spring Semester (Jan-April). Summer season is when we perform for many Asian American Celebrations such as at the Philadelphia Phillies Game, City Hall, etc.
    6. Attendance is a serious matter to us. Instructors and assistants are ready with a lesson plan every week therefore we expect everyone to appreciate their efforts. When a dancer/student must be absent due to an emergency, sickness or other matter, you will have to message Teacher Sinta or Teacher Nike privately.
    7. Performances: Starting September 2018, dance instructors will make an announcement if there’s a performance opportunity available to the whole group. Instructors will decide and recommend to Teacher Sinta, who should be performing based on their skills, attendance and commitment to traditional Indonesian dance.
    8. Paid performances for Modero will be offered to dancers based on the event, level of difficulties, accessibility (location of the performance) and many other aspects. Teacher Sinta  will make the final decision with the help of Teacher Nike and Teacher Desy.
    9. Audition placement will take place for most but may not be for all dancers every 6 months or when it’s necessary to be held. This evaluation is done to see whether a dancer is ready to move up to the next level or may need a 1-on-1 instructions. Everyone has the opportunity to be on the Professional Troupe.
    10. Costume: most costumes will be provided by teacher Sinta. If there’s any wardrobe restrictions, you will need to discuss before performance day arrived. When dancers need to purchase costume, you will notified in advance.
    11. Modero’s fun events: each year, we will do our best to host (minimum to no cost) 2 Modero events for our Modero family. In the summer, we will have a Modero Picnic and at the end of the year will be our Modero’s Holiday Party. We expect all Modero family to be there to enjoy the party.

    1. Food Festivals/Pop-Up Café and more
      1. Each quarter we will do at least 1 food related event to promote our delicious Indonesian food. Modero only pick a handful of vendors. We will also use these type of events for our fundraising for Modero’s trips, costumes and anything that we need. If you would like to be our preferred vendor, please ask Sinta for details.
    2. Private Events and Gig Opportunities: Modero also plan and organize private events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversary and more. Modero family will be the first to hear when an opportunity arises to help with the event. That means, if we need staffing, you will hear it first and will be compensated (paid).
    3. Discount for Modero Family will be available upon request for event planning, DJ/MC, Photography, Videography, flower and decorations.

    1. Please save the date for the evening of Saturday, December 15th. Details to follow.
    2. Recognition and Awards will be given out.
    3. All Modero family & friends are invited!

Thank you for reading this long update. There are many changes that will happen as we grow another year! If you have any questions or concerns, please let Sinta or Jamie know ASAP via email to sinta@modercompany.com or message via FB. We want to hear it all!

We love all of you and we are looking forward to continue to preserve our beautiful Indonesian culture and build a better community with you!


Sinta & Jamie Storms

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