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Photo by Deddy Rakswardana


Saturday, November 6
Bali to Us Opening Night
Chestnut Hill
Tari Bapang Selisir (Audi & Sinta)
Tari Merak (Cheril, Elly & Fifi)
Tari Kandagan (Nike)
Gamelan players: Gaby, Fifi & Sinta.

October 4-10, 2021

Tuesday, October 5 at 5:30 PM at PPC. Please help the Warung Ibu team who are raising money for Modero’s retreat in November. Please contact Lina directly at 267-726-2364. We appreciate your help and thank you for those who ordered the delicious food!

Wednesday, October 6 at Fleisher Art

5:30 PM (Dance)
Bajidor Kahot Class

6:00 PM (Music)
Angklung Class

6:15 PM (Dance)
This is America Class

Email me at sinta@modero.co for any other questions.

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